Friday, December 31, 2010

Hand-painted Russian Ornaments

Have you ever brought out Christmas decorations on
December 31 and decorated a tree?
Well, I have.
These beautiful hand-painted Russian ornaments
 are from a dear friend's estate sale.
I love the detail and character of each one. 
I got them in December and used them on a green tree. 

When they were on the green tree,
you could only see the ornaments on the front of the tree.

I went grocery shopping today (not my favorite pastime)
and they were marking down
left-over Christmas items in the floral department.

I spotted this quaint little metal tree and thought
it would be perfect for displaying my new ornaments. 
So into my basket it went and home with me it came.

And, guess what I did next!!!! 
I went to the closet where I had just stored all my
Christmas treasures away yesterday and
pulled out the little box containing my
special friend's ornaments and decorated my new little tree. 
(Hubby just rolled his eyes - he's never surprised at anything I do.)

Is anyone familar with these little ornaments?
I would love to know a little about them.
All I know is they are special to me because
my friend was special to me and they
belonged to her.

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