Friday, May 13, 2011

Playing in my house.....

It was a rainy morning
and I so enjoyed
just arranging and rearranging
my "things". 

I'm having fun using the large bell jar
I bought a few months back.
I've had "Springy" things displayed for a while so,
I was ready for a change.

The Moon and Stars Cake Pedestal
was a gift from a co-worker
forty plus years ago.
The "M" is a top/coaster for
my new coffee cup -
a Christmas gift
from a friend -
it came with the
cute long-handled spoon, too.
The red rooster is from Hobby Lobby.
The red arrangement is from Michaels.

The old wash stand in the breakfast nook is
a favorite spot to display more stuff.

The chocolate cup cake with
strawberries on top looks
Good Enough To Eat,
doesn't it?
Well, it's made of rubber,
but yummy-looking especially
under a cloche.

The old brandy sniffer
(my $4 find a few months ago)
has moved from the family room
to the breakfast nook.

The large nest is from our bluebirds
last year.
The little nest isn't real,
but real cute.

How do you like my new
Rooster Lamp?
Actually, it's a heavy iron
door stop sitting in front of a lamp.
Hubby was going to wire it together,
but I'm happy with it just sitting
in front of the lamp.
I am looking for a cute red shade.
I found the door stop while a friend
and I were just piddlin'
around in a antique mall last month.
Fun day - Fun find.

Here he is before I brushed some white paint on him.

I like him much better white, don't you?

Have a great weekend!
Happy Blogging!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


As we go through this journey of life,
God blesses us so many times. 
This past week was one of those times.
Let us never forget that we are
where we are because of
His great plan -
nothing is by chance.

He brought this sweet
group of ladies together this
week because He loves us so
and wants to bless us in
unexpected ways.

This was our ninth year to open our home as a
Bed and Breakfast
for an annual event in our city. 
We have always been so fortunate
to have lovely ladies staying with us -
this year was no exception. 
From the first
 Hello Hug,
we feel a new friendship forming. 
The friendship continues to grow
throughout their stay and beyond.

Chatting before breakfast.

Spring is finally here!!!

The beautiful weather allowed
us to have breakfast on the porch.
These new friends have so much to share
and so much fun.

What's cooking?

New friends - old friends and

a "Kodak" moment.

I'll share my recipes in another post.


Ready to shop???
You betcha!!!

Some of our guests
brought grits from their home
state of South Carolina.
I used these dee-licious grits for
a Cheesy Gourmet Grit Casserole.

The grits are in the cutest fabric sack.
I plan to make a cute pillow
out of the sack.

Hey Y'all!!!
Remember the large cloche I
got a couple of months ago and
I said I though I could put
a 7 layer Italian Cream Cake under it?

Well, I decided to start small -
this is only three layers -
and there's still room.

Italian Cream Cake continues to
be our guest's all-time favorite.

 Still lovin' my cloche -
so much fun to use.
I really don't need anymore cloches,
but I continue to look for them everywhere I go.
Crazzzy?  Maybe!

Happy Sunday Y'all.

Enjoy your day -

This is the day the Lord has made
just for