Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Company is Coming!!!

This little guy has been busy baking.

He got out the Southern Living Cookbook and
got busy making these yummy
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies.
A big hit with everyone!!!

Chocolate Pecan Chess Pie
from the November issue of Southern Living.
Rich, chocolately and DEE-licious!!!

And, a new tasty treat is the
Chocolate Popcorn -
another Southern Living Recipe.
Popcorn, peanuts and almonds
are coated with a delicious chocolate mixture.
And if you don't eat it all as it comes hot out of the oven,
it makes cute gift tied up in a cellophane bag.

Someone called their "spread" of food
a "Groaning Table".
Loaded with goodies.

The cloche has toys from our childhood.
My cooktop is in the island, so
sweetie made a nice large tray
to fit over the burners so
I can better utilize the area for serving.

The table in the breakfast is set with
my snowman dishes.
(A gift from a sweet friend.)

Oops, I made this pic before
I put the silverware on the table ---
just use your imagination!!!

This Jolly Ole Man
watches me while I'm in the kitchen.

Love the Christmas season
with all the
friends coming for dinner,
fun and fellowship!!!
What a blessing!

Merry Christmas to all
and God's richest blessings
upon you and yours during the coming
New Year.

John 3:16

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Come On Into The Dining room

Girls, I'm sorry for the dark pics.  If I use the flash, it seems too bright and if I don't, it's like this.  Stick with me as I try to get better.  Maybe I should have asked Santa for a new super-duper camera.  Or, perhaps I just need some photography lessons with the one I have.  Anyway...

I'm lovin' my new old server. 
We stumbled upon this piece on a Saturday browsing -
weren't really looking for anything -
the best time to find just the "right something".
It has such character - a
top drawer that is a removable serving tray.
The mirror was from an estate sale about
forty years ago and was goldish-bronze.
I toned it down a bit and had a new mirror cut.
It's one of my fav pieces.

The lamp is a Goodwill find.  I planned to cover the shade,
but I'm liking it plain and white for now.
The pretty silver tray was from Savers -
a store similar to Goodwill.
I make my DIL take me to all her
"good" shops when I visit.
(Better "stuff".)

The little wooden Santas are from an estate sale. 
They are handcarved from Germany.
Aren't they sweet.
The silver cups are another fun "find".

Two exposures of the china cabinet which holds all my
Cuthberson Christmas China - a real treasure to me.
I have been so blessed to have received
every piece as gifts down through the years.
The china cabinet is an old piece too.
Hubby restored it to its original state about twenty years ago.
It has tons of storage, too.
(That's a good thing - since I LOVE dishes and have quite a
few I need to store.)

Ahhh -
This exposure with the flash gets my vote. 
But, I know some of you don't like the flash pics.

The Santa is a gift from one of my 3rd Grade
Sunday School students.

The table is set and waiting for guests!

My new Santa
So dressed up in his
silver and gold.

Another "trash" find.
My sister was throwing this beautiful
candelabra away because it was
falling apart.  But,
my sweet hubby put it all
back together again.

Notice the pretty silver tray.
I found this treasure Friday in my
favorite "junk" store.

The pretty red swirl glasses are
a birthday gift from my Sisterchicks.

Just had to show you my pretty
Champagne Bucket.
I found this in the summer and could never
find anything that looked just right.
But I like the tree "planted" inside.

It sits among other silver pieces on the buffet.

Now, if I just had dinner ready,
I would ask you to stay.
Please come again.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come In...It's Christmas All Through The House

I'm glad you stopped by. 

I just love having friends over and especially during the holidays when the house is all decorated for Christmas and there's excitement in the air.

So today, open the door and come on in.  But, please notice my new "funky" wreath.  So many of you have inspired me by making these cute wreaths.  So, my crafty friends and I got together and had fun creating one-of-a-kind welcoming wreaths for our doors.  Mine will change from Christmas to a spring wreath in a few months.

I sure hope ole Santa finds this key!!!

I had all these cute little metal ornaments.
I found this little shopper on a girlfriend trip to Charleston, SC.
She surely must have ALL of her shopping done.
Do you?

And, this happy snowman is from an
ornament gift exchange a few years ago.

Now come on into the

One without the flash
and one with.

Couldn't decide which was better, so
you're getting both shots.

Prancer and Dancer
moved in here from the dining room
where they landed last year.

One woman's trash is
another woman's
My sweet sis put this in the yard sale
and I snapped this jolly ole fellow up right away!!!

Just a little tree that sits here all year,
it's just adorned with twinkle lights and
a string of red berries for Christmas.

So y'all come back later and
I'll show you around the house.

Until then,

May God bless each of you
during this holy season.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Captured by Cloches

Hello Blogging Friends,

Never had I heard of a cloche until I met some of you and now I'm fascinated by them.  I look for them everywhere I go and have collected a few since my daughter gave me my first one for Christmas last year.  They do make anything you put underneath the bell-shaped glass a little more dramatic.

I want to link with the Cloche Party Marty is having, so I've been snapping pictures this morning.  You've seen some of these before on previous posts of mine, but some of the displays have changed.

This cloche is on my breakfast table and changes with the seasons.

I removed the cloche to show you the
pretty pear made out of natural materials.

My very first cloche - a Christmas gift - has glitzy pears I found at Pier 1 years ago.

I've brought some of my
plants from the porch
to save them from the chilly fall nights.

These cloches sit on top of an old wash stand in my breakfast nook.

We like old things - and our breakfast table is an old family heirloom. 
I know many of you paint your furniture and I adore the pretty pieces you
do with chalk paint; however, we have lived through the era of "antiquing" and
prefer our wooden pieces in their original state.  My husband has stripped many
antique pieces of the paint someone thought they wanted.

He would cringe if I thought about painting these old oak pieces.  

I'm going to find an old piece and
try out the chalk paint on something
that isn't near and dear to our hearts.

Another gift from my daughter - not exactly a cloche,
 but Marty says it's ok for it to join the party too.
This piece changes seasonally, too and never sits in the same room for very long.

Hey, some of you make catty-corner pictures -
I thought I would try that technique too.
I don't like mine as much - maybe I am too catty-womphus. 
(Are these words found in Webster's?)
My ten-cent "cloche"
and two dollar silver pedestal.
Gotta love a bargain -
especially a pretty one.

Filled with fall pumpkins and orange dried natural balls of some sort. 

This little cloche just says
with the colorful dots and
perky little pedestal.

This is actually a cheese dome
but today, it's a cloche
nestled among my fav recipe books.

I'm linking to Marty's Cloche Party.

 Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoy the party
as much as I do.

Have a blessed day.