Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Wreath

Hippity Hoppity

I've been inspired by all the pretty wreaths
you girls have been making.
I love the pretty netting Kristen uses.
(Check out her pretty wreaths)
But we don't find the netting around here in
spring colors.

This little bunny was my inspiration to
create my own version
of a wreath
that says

Cute little medal birdie! 
Maybe he will scare all the
"real" birdies away
who always wait for me to hang
something on my door just
so they can start their nest
and raise their family.

I love birds and love to watch them,
but these decorated Easter eggs I found
at the Dollar Tree are the only
eggs I want on my wreath.

It's very scary when you open the
front door and
a little bird flies out of his nest and
into my house. 
And, ya know what those
little birds do
when they are scared - 
scared because
I am fussing at them and
chasing them with a towel?
It ain't pretty, girlfriend.
So, this bunny is standing guard over
my front door and telling the
real birds to go build a home
in the oak tree in the yard.
I sure hope it works!

Happy Spring Y'all!!!

(I hope this bunny doesn't get his
cotton tail frost-bitten.)

B-r-r-r where did spring go?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Find

A rainy day - A fun day for a hunt!!!

It rained all day Saturday so we headed
out to an antique mall about an hour from here.
We weren't looking for anything in
particular, but we did find a treasure or two.

Found this silverplate pie plate
with a
Pyrex insert
(Not bad!!!)

And, y'all are always finding super good stuff
at Goodwill. 
Well, every time I stop at our local
Goodwill, I think there's no need of me ever going in there again.
But, as we were driving by the Goodwill on our way to
the antique mall,
we wheeled in and found this silver plate
I know it isn't old and probably isn't worth much.
I don't know what it is for, but
I think it will be a fancy "cotton ball holder".
And, for $1.50, I figure it wasn't a bad buy.

While in Goodwill, I also found these
two Community silver plate serving pieces.
They were still sealed in the plastic so they have never
been used.  For $1.00 for the two pieces, I figured
I could serve some good veggies with the slotted spoon
and a spoon or two of sugar with the small spoon.
And girls, I didn't even have to get out the silver polish for these.

(And, I'm still looking for the Goodwill where y'all shop
and get all those nice "finds".)

I'm a sucker for bunnies and for $1.50,
I couldn't leave him sitting on the shelf by himself.
He hopped into my hands and came home with me.

Oh, it might be a "she" wearing the pink.

I told you I like bunnies.
This cute tin gardening bunny was
She makes me smile.

That's all the treasures we brought home with us Saturday.
But, it's fun piddlin' around and looking.
I'm blessed to be married to a guy who also enjoys
Junk Hunts.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Very First Cloche Party

You never get too old to learn something new!!!
A year ago, I didn't even know what a
was and I certainly didn't have one,
didn't even know how to pronounce it.
And, then -
my DIL introduced me to
and you know the rest of the story.

Be sure to check out her blog,
"Decorating the Ville"
and see what she's doing in
her new house to make it a beautiful home.

So, I was very excited when
I saw that Marty at
"A Stroll Thru Life"
was having a
Well, don't you know, I grabbed my
camera and started snapping pics
right and left. 
Here is my collection (so far).
This little "cloche" is actually a
cheese keeper, I think.
But, to me, it's a
and a bargain I found for $7.
This little cloche holds
a tiny bird house from "forever" and
tiny speckled eggs
and sits beside a bunny print
from 18 years ago. 

And, I shared this pretty
with you at Christmas.
It was a special surprise for me
when I opened it on
Christmas morn -
a gift from my daughter.
(who by-the-way gets a "kick" out
of  her Mama's blogging and obsession with cloches.)
She should start her own blog - she's
a fantastic decorator and has a beautiful home.

Sittin' pretty on my dining room table
with "sugared pears".

and, this little cutie
is a Hobby Lobby find -
just the perfect size for
a large, yummy cupcake!!!

This little guy is happy running through the cloches.
Wonder how many real rabbits have
actually found themselves surrounded by
beautiful old cloches being used to
carefully shield the tiny plants
from the night chills and frosts
in the gardens of yesterdays.

I think this qualifies for the party too.
A Southern Living Home
Mother's Day gift from my
daughter a few years ago.
Love this piece, too.

Today, it holds marble eggs.

and my new Cloche
I shared with you in a previous post.

and last

This is the Old Forrester Brandy Sniffer
I found for $4.

Today it holds last year's nest from
my Blue Bird box.

So Sweet

Love my bluebirds.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Obsessed!!!

Never did I dream that when I started blogging
(thanks DIL for getting me hooked)
that I would be on a quest to find beautiful cloches. 
I look for them everywhere I go - they are pretty scarce,
but ever once in a while, I luck upon one. 
So, today when I found this one,
I knew I just had to have it. 
It's very large and I can actually put a
ten-layer Italian Cream Cake under it, I do believe. 

I had the cake plate -
I believe I paid
one whole dollar for this
twenty plus years ago.
It has been just waiting for this cloche.
Don't you think?

I found this pretty light green moss
at Hobby Lobby -
just looks so "springy".
Looks like this little bird gathered it
to make the nest she is sitting upon.

And, this little "feathered" friend
was a
find at Michaels -
a cutie for sure!!!

Yep, I'm getting
Spring Fever.
Someone needs to tell
the weather man though!

The little white container
holding the flowers is
actually my father-in-law's
old shaving mug.
Lovin' it!!!

Having fun with y'all!
Thanks for stopping by for
a visit. 
Please come again!

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French Country Cottage

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know we usually post and share
fun stuff for the house -
fun finds, bargains, or new decorating ideas. 
So, this post today is a bit different.
And, it sure is out of character for me. 
So what is this all about????

First Clue

Clue # 2

Ta Da
on my new
Honda Four-Wheeler

I WON!!!!

My sweet hubby
(you've heard about my Handy-Dandy Man)
took the first spin
up the driveway
to the mailbox.
It's raining and I might melt, so
I decided to wait for a
sunny, warm day for my first

Now, if I just remember what the guy
told me all these buttons are for...

Here is one excited me right after the
"Big Win" Saturday night.

I guess I should tell you I won this at an event
our church hosts every year. 
It's a nice event for the whole community
with lots of sponsors and wonderful prizes -
this being the
 BIG prize.
It's a night of sampling wild game
prepared by the men of our church,
archery, casting, duck calling and other
acivities geared for fifteen years and under.
A guest speaker and a delicious
catered meal was also on the agenda.
It's a wonderful evening and a time of sharing
God's blessings the great outdoors brings to us.
It's also a great outreach to our community.
As my grandson said, "God was good to you."

I can't wait to take it out and have a little fun.
I've always thought it would be fun to ride
a motorcycle - this is sort of like a motorcycle
for seniors - not that I'm old or anything.
(Oops, guess my picture tells the rest of that story.)
As one of my little 3rd Grade
Sunday School kiddos said,
"Ain't she a beaut!!!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Market, To Market

.... and what did I find?

 . . . this whimsical rooster chicken (hubby said)
soup tureen. . .
(Being a city girl, I don't really
know how to tell the sex of this
domestic bird.)

Fritz & Floyd
Didn't matter to me if it was
a girl or a boy
(hen or rooster),
I liked "IT" anyway!!!!

oh, so pretty!!!
 and he she was a real bargain
See - told ya he was a buy!!!!

And, I just bet my homemade
chicken noodle soup
will taste
even better served from this tureen,
don't you?

Our Tuesday Morning just moved
to a new building -
larger and so organized -
just browsing with a friend
and there he she sat saying,