Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Wreath

Hippity Hoppity

I've been inspired by all the pretty wreaths
you girls have been making.
I love the pretty netting Kristen uses.
(Check out her pretty wreaths)
But we don't find the netting around here in
spring colors.

This little bunny was my inspiration to
create my own version
of a wreath
that says

Cute little medal birdie! 
Maybe he will scare all the
"real" birdies away
who always wait for me to hang
something on my door just
so they can start their nest
and raise their family.

I love birds and love to watch them,
but these decorated Easter eggs I found
at the Dollar Tree are the only
eggs I want on my wreath.

It's very scary when you open the
front door and
a little bird flies out of his nest and
into my house. 
And, ya know what those
little birds do
when they are scared - 
scared because
I am fussing at them and
chasing them with a towel?
It ain't pretty, girlfriend.
So, this bunny is standing guard over
my front door and telling the
real birds to go build a home
in the oak tree in the yard.
I sure hope it works!

Happy Spring Y'all!!!

(I hope this bunny doesn't get his
cotton tail frost-bitten.)

B-r-r-r where did spring go?

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  1. Your wreath is very pretty and spring looking. Great job! Love the color of that door, too.