Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updated Bathroom

When we built our house eighteen years ago, I thought I had to have the shiny brass faucets.  Even though it was an added expense, we splurged and I got them.  Since I'm new to blogging, I didn't think about making a "before" picture to post.  So, just close your eyes and let me paint a picture of what the room looked like before Mr. Handy Dandy got to work.  I had the contractor's mirror, gold faucets and the gold ten-light bar light across my framless mirror.  The pictures tell the "after" story. 

           New lights and framing around my old mirror.

Up close of the mirror to show the details in the corners.

                                      New sticks - old pot.

Yesterday, this little chair had a palm tree print on the seat. 
Now, it is a little on the "wild side".

The simple transformation has made such a difference and given us a whole new look.

Oh, I almost forgot - I also had shiny brass fixtures on the whirlpool - and boy are they proud of those in the store.  So, with a $7 can of metal paint, they now are the same color as my new oil-rubbed bronze facets on the sinks.  After my hubby painted them, I rubbed them with bronze paint - taking it slow with a light hand until I got it "just right".

I'm still looking for "just the right thing" to hang on the wall over the whirlpool.  And, I haven't brought this subject up, but I would love to have a new granite countertop, too.  We'll see about that idea.  And, new wall color is in the future.  I haven't totally decided if I will change my custom-made vanity.  I'm thinking I might use a chocolate glaze.  It's never-ending friends - but ain't it fun!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Junk Store "Find"

I found two of these silverplated cups at a local "junk" store.  You never know what you will find when you go inside.  Most of the time, I come out empty-handed, but I keep going back.  And, when I spotted these, I knew they wanted to come home with me.  I have had them a few weeks and today while strolling through one of my favorite stores, I found these cute little trees.  I knew the trees would look adorable in my newest "find".  So home with me they came and I'm liking them with the other two topiraries I made last year for my antique buffet.

Yes, I have a little fall and a little of Christmas going on, but
I'm ok with that and that's all that matters.  Right?

I thought I would share my poppies (our grandchildren call
my husband "Poppy").  The frame it was in was shiny gold -
you know - the kind that was so popular a few years ago.
Well, it was just too "gold-in-your-face" and too narrow.
So, Mr. Handy Dandy had some salvaged chair moulding and
I asked him to attach it to the outside of my gold frame.
When, both pieces were connected, I sponged and brushed
dark brown paint over both pieces.  I wipes some off the
old gold frame so a little "bling" would peep through.

I like the results.  And now, my poppies are happy and so am I!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

God's Glorious Ginko

My favorite tree in our yard.  Terry started this Ginko from a seed someone gave him about 20 years ago.  When we were building and moved from our old house, he dug it up and planted it in a pot and, I'm so glad he did.  I love the fan-shaped leaves.  Did you know a ginko leaf does not have veins?  It's a pretty tree all summer long, but the glorious golden fall color is breathtaking.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Girl's Room B & A

This is a before picture of my granddaughter's room at our house. 
Although I love the country quilts, painted lattice wall and border,
it was time for a change.

I chose a pretty kiwi green from Sherwin Williams. 
I found these cute coverlets at T.J. Maxx.

This dresser was another "find".  My handy-dandy hubby
stripped and refinished it.
The lamps are from Hobby Lobby and I love them, too.

This adorable table was in my sister's yard sale items.
(Yep, another "find".)

I used these cute metal flowers (from Hobby Lobby) at
my Mom's 90th outdoor birthday party.
I think they look so sweet in the girl's room

Love the shoes!  The coordinating print over the other bed
is of funky purses.  So FUN!

An old armiore we bought years ago for $7.  (WOW)
I received the little chair on top from Santa
on my second Christmas ?? years ago!!!

I just finished these adorable little circus print pillows.
I have an ice cream chair in this room that will soon
be recovered to match the pillows.

Around here, nothing ever stays the same for too long at a time. 
That's the "fun" of making your house a home.