Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Junk Store "Find"

I found two of these silverplated cups at a local "junk" store.  You never know what you will find when you go inside.  Most of the time, I come out empty-handed, but I keep going back.  And, when I spotted these, I knew they wanted to come home with me.  I have had them a few weeks and today while strolling through one of my favorite stores, I found these cute little trees.  I knew the trees would look adorable in my newest "find".  So home with me they came and I'm liking them with the other two topiraries I made last year for my antique buffet.

Yes, I have a little fall and a little of Christmas going on, but
I'm ok with that and that's all that matters.  Right?

I thought I would share my poppies (our grandchildren call
my husband "Poppy").  The frame it was in was shiny gold -
you know - the kind that was so popular a few years ago.
Well, it was just too "gold-in-your-face" and too narrow.
So, Mr. Handy Dandy had some salvaged chair moulding and
I asked him to attach it to the outside of my gold frame.
When, both pieces were connected, I sponged and brushed
dark brown paint over both pieces.  I wipes some off the
old gold frame so a little "bling" would peep through.

I like the results.  And now, my poppies are happy and so am I!

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