Friday, December 31, 2010

Hand-painted Russian Ornaments

Have you ever brought out Christmas decorations on
December 31 and decorated a tree?
Well, I have.
These beautiful hand-painted Russian ornaments
 are from a dear friend's estate sale.
I love the detail and character of each one. 
I got them in December and used them on a green tree. 

When they were on the green tree,
you could only see the ornaments on the front of the tree.

I went grocery shopping today (not my favorite pastime)
and they were marking down
left-over Christmas items in the floral department.

I spotted this quaint little metal tree and thought
it would be perfect for displaying my new ornaments. 
So into my basket it went and home with me it came.

And, guess what I did next!!!! 
I went to the closet where I had just stored all my
Christmas treasures away yesterday and
pulled out the little box containing my
special friend's ornaments and decorated my new little tree. 
(Hubby just rolled his eyes - he's never surprised at anything I do.)

Is anyone familar with these little ornaments?
I would love to know a little about them.
All I know is they are special to me because
my friend was special to me and they
belonged to her.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Beautiful White Christmas

Christmas Eve
The first snowflake fell just before our family left
for the Christmas Eve service at church.

Exciting - three inches!!!

The snow just makes everything so quiet and serene -
beautiful and bright on this holy night.

Only God could decorate such a beautiful tree.

Frosty the Snowman 

Our "southern" fair-weather grandkids enjoyed the snow
and had fun making this jolly Frosty.
The snow was perfect for making snowballs and this cutie.

Through rain, sleet and SNOW!!!
Happy sledding we will go!!!!

It was a blessed Christmas season and the
beautiful snow made it more memorable.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

NOW, I have one too!!!

I have admired these Cloches on so
many blogs - and now, I have one too!

I will have fun putting different "pretties"
under my new cloche.

A Christmas gift from my daughter
and family - found at a little Tea Room
in the quaint little town of Hazel, KY.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pink & Green Girly Room

Something Old, Something New
The little angel nightlight has been lighting the way through the night for years.  My oldest granddaughter always wants to sleep with it on when she
visits.  The fun, pink tree is new. 

 A cabinet my husband built for our daughter when
she was little has been home to her
collection of Madam Alexander dolls. 
I just love dolls - especially at Christmas.

A few Precious Moments scattered in here and there.

Fun flowers with a cute "lady" who obviously has
been shopping like all of us.
Found this in Savannah on a Girlfriend trip last May.

I didn't wear shoes like this on my
Power Shoppin' trips!!!
Did you?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tea Towel Apron

My grown-up grandchildren will arrive Monday evening and want me to wait until they get her so we can make cookies "as a family". 
Since no cook should be without an apron.
I stitched these up for them using tea towels
and some ribbon.
I think they turned out pretty cute,
if I do say so myself. 
It was a very simple, quick sewing project.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome Guests!

Our family will arrive next week and we are so excited to have
them home for Christmas. 
Their room is ready!

The shadow box contains a tatted cap worn by my Mom,
my baby dress a hand-crocheted bib and booties my daughter wore.

This quaint little table was made by hubby using drawers
out of an old treddle sewing machine. 
It is great for storing candles.
(The top of the table is a piece of oak
from my father-in-law's old barn.)
I feel like everything in my house has a story.
Hope the stories don't bore you.

Yard Sale Find

While driving by a yard sale, we decided to stop.  Since it was late in the
day we didn't think they would have any treasures left, but guess what!!!
They had this chair for $3.00.  Hubby striped it and recovered it.
It had the old straw stuffing in the seat.

A picture of our excited baby girl with Santa on her first Christmas.
The original pic is in color, but I printed it black and white - I like the look.
The old wooden sleigh ornament has been around a long, long time.

I had an extra bow, so I had to find a place to tie it on.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, that's snow on the door mat!

Come on in where it's warm!

I've seen this same old Santa on some other blogs. 
He's been around for a long time.

I've told you about my Handy Dandy Hubby. 
Well several years ago, he crafted this old Santa from an
old telephone pole.  He has stood on the door step ever since.

Found this cute little sign this year. 
I want to give old Santa all the help he needs!!!

Sorry the for back view of one of the reindeer,
it was just too cold and snowy for me to go outside for his picture.But isn't the tree pretty?

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Italian Cream Cake
This little guy stands guard over the cake
I baked for company so no one sneaks a sample.

Christmas All Through The House
in just about every nook and crannie.

This quaint Santa has been a part of
Christmas at my house for
twenty some years. 
He is made of paper.

These mugs just sing out for hot chocolate.
Come enjoy a mug of this creamy, sweet treat.
All we need is a sleigh ride or a night of
caroling to make it taste better.

Santa Pushing Snowcones
How funny is that?
I got this adorable metal Santa from
the estate sale of a dear friend.

This is the arrangement in the corner of my cabinets.

These little carolers sing to me while I do all my
Christmas baking.

"You Better Watch Out...
I'm Telling You Why...
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!"
I found this guy at Hobby Lobby this year.
(Like I needed another Christmas decoration. 
But, he was irrestible.)
He is tin and wooden and stands watch
on the top of the fridge.
So be good - friends out there in Blog Land.

in the magic of Christmas and
the blessings of our greatest gift -
the Son of God, our Redeemer and Saviour.

"Snow Glad It's Christmas",
she says holding her clock and packages.
This snowgirl reminds me I better get busy
finishing my shopping and wrapping instead of spending
so much time looking at all the pretty blogs you post. 
But, isn't it fun! 
I'm enjoying my new adventure in Blog Land.