Friday, January 28, 2011

Drum Roll, Please

I shared in a previous blog the two chairs
we bought for a song.  With the second chair completely
refinished and reupholstered,
I was determined to find a home for them today
as I cleaned and rearranged the house.
I had it all planned out in my head,
but ya know, plans change. 

Here's the living room before the new chairs.

My windows are clean and bare
awaiting the arrival of new plantation shutters.
I can hardly wait!

This chair has a new home today -
it has moved upstairs to the bedroom.
A comfy, cozy place to sneak away
and read a book in a quiet corner of my room.

This chair moved from this corner to

this corner - to be closer to its mate.

Then the "NEW" chairs came in.

And, for now, I'm happy with them here.

I think the new chairs sitting here
"link" the living room to the
dining room -

I found these birds on canvas at a local shop.

See the crazy indents in the carpet
from where the other chair sat.
I'll get the iron and steam these out.

This is a note card and a frame I had on-hand
so I decided to put the two together.
I'm thinking I like this since I
have this "bird" theme going on (today).

And this little birdie.
I found this feathered-friend
 is a box of "stuff"  treasurers
I bought for $2
from an estate sale. 
It's an oil painting.
And, it's just too cute!!!
The easel was in the box, too.
A great find!

This cardinal figurine was a gift from my
husband many, many Christmases ago.
It's before we had the big chain stores.
I have always cherished these birds.

Thanks for stopping by, blogging friends.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Foyer Chest

A couple of years ago I went on a "hunt"
for a new piece of furniture for the foyer.
I always check out the local
antique shops first and usually have good luck there.
But after our search, we came home empty handed.

We finally found this new piece and
I am pleased with it. 
Although it doesn't have the character or an old piece.

I found this parrot lamp at Kirklands
on sale and knew right away he
needed to fly to my house.

He's just a character and keeps
watch at the front door
to welcome our friends
when they come to visit.

Hubby spotted this pretty plate on an expedition I took him on. 
I was proud of his "good eye" that day.

I admire orchids but have
never brought one home - except for this silk one.
I found these in a local shop
and added them to this
metal container with reindeer moss.

I wanted to show the pretty detail
of the legs of the chest.
(And, yep, I used the flash - had to.)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Painted is Better

Just wanted to show you the new paint.
I was inspired by Kim at Savvy Southern Style
and painted the back of the cabinet in the kitchen.
Honestly, I didn't do anything - hubby did. 
Our cabinets are custom-built oak and I really
didn't want to paint the actual back wall of the cabinet.
I have a tendency to change my mind and who knows
what I will want down the road - I knew it wouldn't be
an easy fix, if I wanted to have the "wood look" again.
So, we took a trip to Lowe's on a search
for something thin to paint
and to fit behind the shelves. 
And, we found it. 
After measuring,
cutting and painting -
it's in and I'm lovin' the color,
especially with
my new dishes.
(This cabinet used to have solid doors
until sweetie removed the oak and
installed the glass doors. 
Made such a difference!)

I know y'all told me and my DIL said
but I just couldn't get a good
picture without using the FLASH. 
So, y'all are just gonna have to forgive me
because I wanted you to see the
pretty kiwi green.

See how my new dishes
with the backdrop of green!

The framed pic in the back
of this cabinet is actually
a box top from a box
of lemon cookies my daughter
brought me from
Yea, my daughter went to Italy and I stayed
home and got a box of cookies.
But, I love the box!!!!
Cookies weren't bad either!!!

And, this is where I BLOG,
so I can enjoy my
"new" cabinet while I visit with y'all.

This shows a good pic
of the tile backsplash
hubby put up after
we replaced our
laminate countertops
with granite a couple
of years ago.
He's so handy to have around!

More sunny lemons and daffodils -
reminds me of spring. 
The weather sure doesn't say
spring today. 
We have snow and 11 degree temp
 in Kentucky today.

Been cleaning our closets and found
these tea towels my Mom embroidered several
years ago. 
I've been saving them.
Now, I am enjoying them in my kitchen.
Aren't they the cutest?
This little rooster is watering his flowers.

And Mr.  & Mrs. are
on their way to church. 
Look at her little purse.

This little glass vase was a yard sale
find some months ago.
I love the unusual shape and the
little spreaders (had these) peeking out
match all my "new" stuff.

Thank you all so much for stopping by.
I am so enjoying blogging and all of your
sweet comments.

I'm a long way from being an expert blogger and
often times can't figure out how to respond to your comments - just know I appreciate each one.

But, I visit your blog frequently
and enjoy seeing what you are up to.

Have a great week-end!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From :"Not So Pretty" to "Really Pretty"

What is that mess on the floor?

Well, you might remember these bargain chairs
(two of them) we bought for $11 each.

This is a pic before it was completely
ripped apart to begin the transformation.
He has recovered simple chairs before
but this was a bit more difficult.
We are a Do-It-Yourself" couple.
Saves $$$ and we must admit -
we just like a project.

But, as we tore each part of the upholstery
off the wooden frame, we made a picture
so we could remember how to put it back together.

Pink and Green
I still like this color combination - but
for a little girl's room - and not on these chairs.

Excuse me, I forgot to rotate this one,
but you can see the back of the chair in its
pinky state.

Although the wood wasn't too bad, it did
have several scratches and areas
where the finish was worn.

At one time in this chair's life,
it had been covered with burgandy.
(Had that at color in my house once, too.)

Details of the pretty leg after
hubby got hold of it with the sander.

It took lots of sanding. 
His paint stripper doesn't work when it's cold. 
And, cold it is and getting colder.

A trip in search of just the right fabric
and I found these options. 
I really like the wide stripe fabric with
the print,
but the small stripe was heavier and
doesn't wrinkle.
Sweet friends helped me decide.
Yeah for friends and advice!!!

Our "upholstery shop" sewing room.
What a mess!

My sweet husband did all the refinishing,
fitting, stapling and gluing to get
to this state.

I did the cutting out -
using the old pieces as patterns,
which we marked as we took them off the chair.

And, I made the cushion -
which was a bit more challenging than I anticipated.
I wanted the contrast and fell in love
 with this chenille-feeling floral to go with the stripe.

Here she is all spiffy and sittin' pretty.
(My sweet daughter told me to redo the chairs in a
natural linen.  I looked and couldn't find the right neutral, and you know what - that just
seemed boring to me.)  She's got a wonderful eye for decorating and I might be sorry I didn't follow her advise.  (Sorry sweet daughter.) 
Her reasoning was that I
could use these chairs anywhere in my house.
TRUE, but
I have reds and golds throughout and I
don't see myself changing my color theme
anytime soon - unless we win the lottery or
the Reader's Digest guy shows up at my door
with a big check for me.  And, if that happens,
I will just be like some of you fellow bloggers
and give these chairs away.

Now, I've cleaned the "upholstery shop"
sewing room and we've (he has)
stripped the other chair - it sits
naked in the garage waiting for
the sanding,
and finishing coats.

Then, they will both have a new home in
my home somewhere - now, I've just gotta
decide exactly where that is going to be.

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