Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dressed for Dinner

When we started a little (crown moulding, new upholstered bargain chairs, plantation shutters ~ see previous posts) re-do in the living room and dining room back in October,

one thing led to another. 

Isn't that the way it always goes?  I started by taking down the matching drapes in the living and dining rooms.  I decided to have shutters put up at the living room window and considered using shutters in the dining room also, but really wanted a softer look and enjoy the open window.  After considering making new drapes, I went fabric shopping and found a few options I really liked.  Then, when shopping with a Sister Chick, I found these ready-made panels and fell in love with them.  When all was said and done, I came out with something less expensive than I would have if I made them myself - AND!!!!! a whole lot easier, and ~ 

I'm pleased as punch!!!

So, here is a boring picture of the naked window.

~ Needs dressin'~
doesn't she?

My Sweet Handy Dandy Hubby had knee surgery nearly two weeks ago and his days of climbing ladders and doing honey-do projects are on hold for the time being.  But, patience isn't one of my virtues and thinking I need to start learning to do a few "handy" things myself  (which I have never done - he always is ready and willing to do it for me) I began the install.

I've got the power,
I can do this,
I think I can,
I think I can,
I think I can!

He gathered the tools I would need.
Girls, I learned to change a bit in this
POWER screwdriver/drill.
I was also instructed by the supervisor
(sitting close by)
to measure, mark and re-measure.
I followed those instructions to a capital T.

Here they are up and looking so pretty.

So far, they haven't fallen.

KEEP your fingers crossed!!!

You must know by now that I like
and use it through out my house.

I have several textures and patterns of reds and gold.
and now - Checks

I need to have a dinner party,
since she's all dressed up.
Maybe I'll make a
for dessert!!!

The rooms seem to flow better now.

Gotta go ~
Gotta think up another project!
I think I survive on projects!
I like to stay busy!

Have a blessed day!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Patience - Patience - Patience

Well, I sure have been patiently waiting for my new
I promised this bare windows new shutters and
you can see just how bare she is
since I took down the drapes
that once covered her.

And, today,
my promise to this undressed
window came true.

I think the shutters were on a slow boat
from China -
seems like we waited so

but, I think it was worth the wait!!!
Don't you?

The sidelight by the front door even got all
dressed up with a new shutter, too.
Isn't it so cute - so tiny and cute!!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sweet Gift

I was asked to share this candy bouquet
I made for a special friend's retirement.
Sweets for a sweetheart of a friend!

Sorry, I made this before
I started "blogging"
so my pics aren't very good.
But, maybe you can get the idea.

I covered a coffee can
with scrapbook paper and
added fun and funky letters
that spell

I added foam and covered
it with shreds.
I taped skewers to the
back of each candy bar using
heavy-duty packing tape.

I just go to the candy aisle
and survey the array of candy bars.
I get my inspiration from the names
of the candy and the occasion
I'm fixing the bouquet for.

I have also made candy gram cards by
using poster board instead of a can.
(Sorry no pic of the card.)

Candy bars I used:
Now you can (Snicker)
when the alarm goes off

Your friendship is
 (Hershey’s Special) to me

I could search the (Milky Way)
and never find a sweeter friend than you!!!

You’ve had your last one (Pay Day)

It’s a (Grand) day

Retire (Mementos)

MINT –       it’s here

Just      (Skiddles)  addle outta here!

It’s   (Crunch) time

Count it ALL (Almond JOY)

(Fast Break) – That’s you today at 4:30

5th Avenue
– shopping you will go

Bit o Honey – that’s what you can put on your biscuit when the Sister Chicks go to breakfast on a weekday.

M & M – Millions and millions of happy times await

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Monday, February 7, 2011


No, I'm not cleaning house today.

When the weather man says we'll have a
dusting to two inches of snow,

Here are pics of our dusting
and it's
Still Coming Down!!!

Just listening to the meteorologist
explain how they predicted a dusting
that should melt as soon as it hit.

HA HA - Now, they say we are in
an unpredictable "E-Formation" zone
causing us to get 4 - 6 inches.

White Out

This is a SNOW FOUNTAIN tree -
it's living up to it's name today.

Only God could paint a
 picture as beautiful.

Privacy Screen!
Our screened-in porch is completely covered
by the blowing wet snow.

Enjoy your day --
it's the day the Lord
made just for

Blessings to you and yours!