Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Painted Cabinet

Several years ago, someone was re-doing their kitchen
and advertised their old cabinets for sale. 
We snatched up the whole lot for $40.
My husband installed several of the cabinets
 in his work area in the garage.
But, we still had cabinets to spare.
The extras sat around in the storage building a couple of
years and I decided I could put one to good use.
So, I painted one of the wall cabinets and
found the "ball" shaped feet at -
guess where - Hobby Lobby.
My granddaughter and I had a week's worth
of fun stenciling.

It sits right by the shower and
is handy for holding lots of "little things".

Side View

We had the little glass knob and I think it looks
"just right" and at home on the little cabinet.

I sanded and distressed the paint a
little when I first painted it,
and it is a little more distressed
after years of use.

It's just a fun piece!
And, it holds fond memories
of the time spent with
my granddaughter while painting it.

I've thought of toning down the yellow,
but, it's sunny, bright and cheery.
It just makes me happy

Cute, little ball feet.

This is one of our "Fun Finds"
from a yard sale ages ago.

It's had many uses since the
day I rescued it.

The plants were on my porch
during the summer.
They are pretty happy in the
little cheese box (so far).

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  1. i believe you enjoy doing this project with your grand daughter! the cabinet turnsout great! job well done!