Sunday, January 9, 2011

Definately Better!!!

Another Project?  Well, YES!
Keeps Mr. Handy-Dandy from getting bored.

The dining room table is loaded down with
everything out of the china cabinet. 
New crown moulding! 
A couple of months ago, I posted the beautiful crown moulding my hubby put up in the living room.  We decided to wait until after Christmas to put moulding up in the dining room, family room and breakfast nook.  Well, it's done!  And, it really dresses up the rooms.

Hey, are you proud of me? 
This is sort of a before pic. 
I never remember to take those.
It is before I put everything back in the cabinet,
but AFTER the moulding is up. 
I'll try to do better taking "Before and After" pics.

The drapes are down and I'm not sure what will go back in their place.
Perhaps new drapes or plantation shutters.
(Just ordered plantation shutters for my living room
 windows and I can hardly wait until they are installed.) 
I'll show a pic when they are up. 
Isn't that called "A Big Reveal?"

Bear with me Blogging Friends, I'm a slow learner.


Hey, now this is a "before" shot.  Built-ins are covered
with plastic and the room is ready to get all dressed up, too.

Breakfast Noon anticipates, too.

Dining Room 

 All dressed up
and put back together.

Pretty Corner
Pretty Silhouettes of my
adorable, sweet

China Cabinet
Back in order and CLEAN!

Remember my new cloche
I received for Christmas?
It "houses" a snowy scene today.

 Family Room

Finally clean and back together!

Crown Moulding details.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Enjoy your day -
it is the day the Lord made
just for you!


  1. I love your crown moulding. It adds so much to a room. And new plantation shutters? Oh I can't wait to see them because they are my absolute favorite window coverings! I have my hubby working on a huge project this very moment and can't wait until it is complete so I can show everyone.

  2. Loving all the new molding! We want to add some around our home too!

  3. Very pretty molding. I was just telling my husband I wish he would add it to the room I am working on, but he said later. Of course, later. Your home is beautiful and he did a great job. My husband installed ours in the master bedroom and the dining room when we built the house. Then we were both so tired from building plus funds were low that we thought we would add more later. Not. Maybe some day. Thanks for sharing this transformation at the party. Not sure if you know how, but maybe next time you can add a link to my blog in your post.

  4. Love the crown molding!! Everything in your home looks very nice! You have a new follower!