Monday, December 6, 2010

New Christmas Treasures

I bought these beautiful hand-painted, hand-carved German Santas
from the estate of a dear friend. 
Some of them are signed by the artist.
I don't know the value or these, but they are invaluable to me.

I fell in love with this metal
Santa selling snowcones. 
Isn't he adorable!!!

Although this isn't a Christmas decoration, I wanted to share this find with you, too.
 This also was in the estate sale.   I have in hanging on my foyer wall.
I love the details and will think of my sweet friend
every time I pass by this beautiful tapestry.

A close up shows the beautiful parrot.  Other animals
peeking out are a squirrel, a rabbit, a leopard, other smaller birds
and some fancy-dressed ladies and gentlemen playing musical instruments.

Now who could resist this Santa on his way with a bundle
of Christmas toys on his back?  Not me!
He is a heavy, cast-iron door stop.
Now, tell me, "How cute is that?"

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