Saturday, December 11, 2010


Italian Cream Cake
This little guy stands guard over the cake
I baked for company so no one sneaks a sample.

Christmas All Through The House
in just about every nook and crannie.

This quaint Santa has been a part of
Christmas at my house for
twenty some years. 
He is made of paper.

These mugs just sing out for hot chocolate.
Come enjoy a mug of this creamy, sweet treat.
All we need is a sleigh ride or a night of
caroling to make it taste better.

Santa Pushing Snowcones
How funny is that?
I got this adorable metal Santa from
the estate sale of a dear friend.

This is the arrangement in the corner of my cabinets.

These little carolers sing to me while I do all my
Christmas baking.

"You Better Watch Out...
I'm Telling You Why...
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!"
I found this guy at Hobby Lobby this year.
(Like I needed another Christmas decoration. 
But, he was irrestible.)
He is tin and wooden and stands watch
on the top of the fridge.
So be good - friends out there in Blog Land.

in the magic of Christmas and
the blessings of our greatest gift -
the Son of God, our Redeemer and Saviour.

"Snow Glad It's Christmas",
she says holding her clock and packages.
This snowgirl reminds me I better get busy
finishing my shopping and wrapping instead of spending
so much time looking at all the pretty blogs you post. 
But, isn't it fun! 
I'm enjoying my new adventure in Blog Land.

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