Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I know we usually post and share
fun stuff for the house -
fun finds, bargains, or new decorating ideas. 
So, this post today is a bit different.
And, it sure is out of character for me. 
So what is this all about????

First Clue

Clue # 2

Ta Da
on my new
Honda Four-Wheeler

I WON!!!!

My sweet hubby
(you've heard about my Handy-Dandy Man)
took the first spin
up the driveway
to the mailbox.
It's raining and I might melt, so
I decided to wait for a
sunny, warm day for my first

Now, if I just remember what the guy
told me all these buttons are for...

Here is one excited me right after the
"Big Win" Saturday night.

I guess I should tell you I won this at an event
our church hosts every year. 
It's a nice event for the whole community
with lots of sponsors and wonderful prizes -
this being the
 BIG prize.
It's a night of sampling wild game
prepared by the men of our church,
archery, casting, duck calling and other
acivities geared for fifteen years and under.
A guest speaker and a delicious
catered meal was also on the agenda.
It's a wonderful evening and a time of sharing
God's blessings the great outdoors brings to us.
It's also a great outreach to our community.
As my grandson said, "God was good to you."

I can't wait to take it out and have a little fun.
I've always thought it would be fun to ride
a motorcycle - this is sort of like a motorcycle
for seniors - not that I'm old or anything.
(Oops, guess my picture tells the rest of that story.)
As one of my little 3rd Grade
Sunday School kiddos said,
"Ain't she a beaut!!!"

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