Sunday, December 18, 2011

Come On Into The Dining room

Girls, I'm sorry for the dark pics.  If I use the flash, it seems too bright and if I don't, it's like this.  Stick with me as I try to get better.  Maybe I should have asked Santa for a new super-duper camera.  Or, perhaps I just need some photography lessons with the one I have.  Anyway...

I'm lovin' my new old server. 
We stumbled upon this piece on a Saturday browsing -
weren't really looking for anything -
the best time to find just the "right something".
It has such character - a
top drawer that is a removable serving tray.
The mirror was from an estate sale about
forty years ago and was goldish-bronze.
I toned it down a bit and had a new mirror cut.
It's one of my fav pieces.

The lamp is a Goodwill find.  I planned to cover the shade,
but I'm liking it plain and white for now.
The pretty silver tray was from Savers -
a store similar to Goodwill.
I make my DIL take me to all her
"good" shops when I visit.
(Better "stuff".)

The little wooden Santas are from an estate sale. 
They are handcarved from Germany.
Aren't they sweet.
The silver cups are another fun "find".

Two exposures of the china cabinet which holds all my
Cuthberson Christmas China - a real treasure to me.
I have been so blessed to have received
every piece as gifts down through the years.
The china cabinet is an old piece too.
Hubby restored it to its original state about twenty years ago.
It has tons of storage, too.
(That's a good thing - since I LOVE dishes and have quite a
few I need to store.)

Ahhh -
This exposure with the flash gets my vote. 
But, I know some of you don't like the flash pics.

The Santa is a gift from one of my 3rd Grade
Sunday School students.

The table is set and waiting for guests!

My new Santa
So dressed up in his
silver and gold.

Another "trash" find.
My sister was throwing this beautiful
candelabra away because it was
falling apart.  But,
my sweet hubby put it all
back together again.

Notice the pretty silver tray.
I found this treasure Friday in my
favorite "junk" store.

The pretty red swirl glasses are
a birthday gift from my Sisterchicks.

Just had to show you my pretty
Champagne Bucket.
I found this in the summer and could never
find anything that looked just right.
But I like the tree "planted" inside.

It sits among other silver pieces on the buffet.

Now, if I just had dinner ready,
I would ask you to stay.
Please come again.

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  1. Love you dining room, everything looks perfect and you know I love that silver:)