Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday Dinner


The Table Is Set

Using my rooster plates
I "stumbled" upon last summer.

I don't have any placemats I like with these plates,
so I used an old lace tablecloth.

I really enjoy using my cloches.
Santa was found under this one last month.

Chicken under the cloch.

Chicken frying in the pan.

 How about a bundle of green beans?

Warm Chocolate Cream Pie waiting to be served.
And, do you see my new coffee press?
I'm lovin' the smooth cup of coffee it makes.

We seldom go out for lunch after church.
We like to come home and
have "Sunday Dinner".
I grew up with Mom cooking
dinner on Sunday and so did my husband.
It just seems like it's the thing to do.

I hope you will enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon
after church and a yummy home cooked meal, too.

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