Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something to Crow About

Dishes, Dishes, Everywhere!!!!

When will I stop?
Ok, so I have a weakness 
but I use every dish -
I don't "save" them -
I "enjoy" them.

Actually, I am not to blame for
having these adorable rooster
plates in my kitchen.

My sweet daughter found these
and thought of me.  A-h-h-h

Four different "Cocky" designs

Tuscany Rooster


I'm enjoying seeing them on my cabinet top for now.
The little bird house with the fall colors
is a gift from a friend -
she went on vacation,
I stayed home,
 watered her plants
and got this cutie.

Actually, a bird flew in the house
a couple of weeks ago and
would have enjoyed settling in here,
but we made him leave. 
WHY do those little birdies
like to roost in my wreath on the
front door?
If anyone knows how
to prevent this, please let me know.

Have a blessed day!

Stay warm.
Fall moved in today
rain, wind and chil-l-l-l-ly temperatures.
The leaves are falling
and fall is in the air.
I even received a magzine in the mail today
 with lots of Christmas
recipes and ideas
It won't be long.

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