Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fun

What's a girl to do when she's got "fall fever"?

Ya know - when  it's just too pretty to stay inside and clean?

Well, she grabs her guy and heads out to some yard sales -
and, they were all over the place
yesterday and we only hit about 10.

But, it was worth few $$ we spent "sal-ing"!!!

~ Lucky finds ~

This basket of farm fresh goodies were
found at the local Farmer's Market.
The supper table this week
will have some
fresh turnips
fresh greens
baked sweet potatoes.


Apple Pie made with apples from the local orchard.
(Girls, this is the recipe from the
September Southern Living.
Be sure to put a tray underneath
to catch the drips.)
Easy to make
and oh so good!!!

Yard Sale finds -
Pretty silver pedestal dish
(Wm. Rodgers)
and cute pewter
bunny napkin rings
I will use next spring.

Now, y'all might not call this a cloche,
but it's a cloche to me and for
one thin dime,
I'm liking it a lot!!!


And the price was right on this
pepper shaker (free) to
match the salt shaker we already have.

I can see my new "cloche" with a stack
of chocolate chip cookies underneath.

Do y'all make this stuff?
Peanuts and candy corn!
We make it every fall -
and this year we found
caramel candy corn to mix
with the chocolate candy corn.
A tasty treat.

No cookies in my kitchen today,
so the pumpkin sits pretty under my fun find.

Happy Fall Y'all

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  1. it all looks so fall fabulous.. I especially love your bunny napkin rings..