Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red Rooster

- Scoutin' and Shoppin' -
Shoppin' and Scoutin'

two of my favorite past-times. 
And, while visiting in Chicago this summer,
I just happened upon these
adorable rooster plates. 
I was so excited
when I found them and
they were practically giving them away. 
Since I had already bought
two new sets of dishes since Christmas,
I waited to hear what
dear sweet hubby would have to say
when he saw me loading them in my basket. 
But, that sweet man helped me gather them
and even carried them to the car for me. 
What a man!

He also removed the wood fronts on these cabinet
doors and
replaced them with glass a few
years ago. 
I enjoy displaying some of
my "stuff" here.

Doors Open

Doors Closed

(And, seems I'm never satisfied,
so he installed rope lights inside so
my "stuff" can really SHINE!)

Cute - Cute - Cute!!!

And, this little guy
fits right in -
standing guard.

Notice the little wooden strip
holding my plates upright.
Since this wasn't a display cabinet
originally, it didn't have a plate groove.
So, once again hubby came to my rescue
and tacked down a square dowel.
Works perfectly.

And, these new glasses are a
birthday gift from dear friends.

They really look pretty with my new
"ROO" plates!!!


This heavy iron doorstop was a
fun find a few months ago.
He flew up to the top shelf
to hold my Southern Living
Christmas Books.
I would love to hear all the
tales he could tell if he could talk.
I think he has been around a while.

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  1. HI Martha! OH, I love your precious new plates in your wonderful cabinet! What a nice and handy hubby you have! I have those same dishes in black and white! Now I wish I had some red ones too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)